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Kim Morze from Operate Online is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  She specialises in tours to Zambia.  Her flagship tours include angling and birding tours for more information or individual itineraries contact us.
Classic Lower Zambezi Safari
KARIBA (2 nights), LOWER ZAMBEZI VALLEY (3 nights)
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Catland Sanyati Gorge Kariba Lake - Remote Villages. 6 Days / 5 Nights 106 VFA VFA or Lusaka

DAY 1 Kariba

From Victoria Falls Airport you fly to Kariba. A representative will meet you and transfer you to your lodge situated at the mouth of the spectacular Sanyati Gorge, sheltered by the Matusadona mountain range overlooking Lake Kariba.

DAY 2 Kariba

Today will afford you ample opportunity to enjoy game walks, drives and Lake Cruises spotting prolific wildlife including elephant buffalo and lion.

DAY 3 Lower Zambezi Valley

After breakfast, you will be taken to meet with another representative who will transfer you to your luxury camp in the Lower Zambezi N.P. This transfer is one of the most unique and exciting methods of appreciating the wildlife and valley terrain, a 2 hour road transfer followed by a 1hour 40 minute speedboat transfer on the zambezi river.

A uniquely pioneered transfer affording visitors the opportunity to view the remote villages, elephants, hippo and birds en route.

Viewing Hides: - In addition to the excellent observation platforms, the camp also offers Exceptional game viewing opportunities from strategically placed private hides.

Relax aboard their 7m River Cruiser and enjoy a Zambezi Valley traditional sundown cocktail. The Zambezi is a canoeist Mecca, and the Camps position in the heart of the Lower Zambezi .N.P sets them apart. Their bush walks are renowned, accompanied by an armed ranger, get closer to nature and learn the fascinating aspects to bush lore from a well informed and experienced guides.

DAY 4 & 5 Lower Zambezi Valley

Spend the next 2 nights in this fascinating Valley it will not only enthrall you with its game viewing, but also astound you with its wealth of discoveries. Buried in the deep in windblown sands of the Great Triassic Desert, which covered part of this area more than 200 million years ago, are the remains of dinosaurs. Fossilized skeletons, sets of dinosaur tracks trapped in time for hundreds of millions of years are but few of the new discoveries made in this area.

Few people now live in the Zambezi Valley and the ancestral spirits of Tonga have been ritually moved with their tribe, to new homes beyond the waterline. In Tonga belief, the teeth have an unhealthy habit of leaving the mouth at night during sleep, and because of their unpleasant nocturnal activities, cause stains and bad breath. Thus, by removing these teeth they are able to stop the nightly excursions and thereby also resemble their cattle, which they so greatly admire. Possibly the most fascinating account being the rumours repeated by early 20th Century hunters from the valley who spoke of invisible people who ran like the wind and could climb trees like monkeys. Their distinctive spoor revealing footprints similar to that of the ostrich, hence they became known as the Ostrich People. These few individuals do not form a whole tribe but belong to the Vadoma people who carry a genetic deformity. With a tendency to have an extra or joined fingers and feet which are often split lengthways forming only two large toes. The tribe settled in the Valley from the east centuries ago. Their leader decreed that they could not marry outside the group and so the genes for this defect were retained within this small group of people.

Fondly dubbed Catland, for its not uncommon to see a pride of lions on a kill or a leopard stalking through the bush, the valley comes alive as darkness descends, nocturnal creatures such as civet, porcupine and genet cautiously exploring the night's offerings.


Enjoy a breakfast a la Zambezi, served aboard their River Cruiser, this intimate meal epitomizes the personal attention the staff at the Camp lavish on their guests.

This morning you will be transferred back to Victoria Falls Airport via your Kariba flight or If you would prefer onward to Lusaka.


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