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Impalila Island Lodge

Impalila Island Lodge: A Secluded Paradise at the Crossroads of Africa

Impalila Island Lodge offers an unparalleled retreat on a serene river island, where the majestic Chobe and Zambezi Rivers converge. This exclusive lodge is not only a haven for honeymooners and those celebrating special occasions but also a unique point on the globe where four countries—Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana—meet. It presents a rare blend of luxurious accommodation and thrilling wilderness experiences amidst some of Africa's most spectacular scenery.

Exceptional Game Viewing and Activities

Nestled close to Botswana's Chobe National Park, renowned for its vast elephant herds and diverse wildlife, Impalila Island Lodge is a gateway to extraordinary game viewing. From river cruises that bring you up close to the wildlife congregating along the water's edges to guided walks, fishing expeditions, and cultural tours, every activity is designed to immerse guests in the rich natural and cultural heritage of the region.

Unique Accommodations and Experiences

The lodge's log cabins, raised on stilts, offer not only privacy and exclusivity but also a unique perspective on the surrounding landscape. A short walk from the lodge, guests can marvel at a 2,000-year-old Baobab tree, embodying the timeless beauty of the African bush. With specialized fishing guides available, enthusiasts can experience some of the continent's best fly fishing.

A Confluence of Rivers and Cultures

Impalila Island forms the northeastern tip of Namibia, offering guests an extraordinary mosaic of waterways, floodplains, and bushveld. The lodge's location provides access to 120km of the Zambezi River, pristine and untouched, save for the traditional fishing villages of the Lozi people. Here, the birdlife is as exceptional as the game viewing, with over 450 species, including some of Africa's rarest birds.

Fishing Opportunities Abound

For anglers, Impalila Island is a dream destination, with opportunities to fish in the Zambezi, Chobe, Kasai rivers, and the Mambova rapids. Whether you prefer fly fishing or traditional angling, the lodge’s professional guides ensure an unforgettable fishing experience, including the thrill of tiger fishing.

Impalila Island Lodge is more than a destination; it's an escape to the heart of Africa's untamed beauty, offering a secluded, intimate, and exclusive experience that captures the essence of the continent's wild majesty and cultural richness.